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DBN To Talk With Rich Eisen

The master of the "walk and talk" joins DBN to talk football and Draft Day.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Not many people have a better life than one Rich Eisen. He hosts one of the best podcats for a daily gig, spends his Thursday nights on the sidelines of NFL football games, then spends his entire Sunday at the NFL network headquarters watching and talking football. Oh yeah, he also acts in movies focused on the Cleveland Browns.

Needless to say I want to be him I'm a tad jealous. Eisen will join DBN and talk about football, the walk and talk, maybe some ESPN and acting.

Draft Day is avilable on Digital HD starting today and come August 29th you can get the movie on Video On Demand. For the people that like to have it in your hands, Blu-ray Combo Pack (along with the DVD and Digital HD download) and DVD (plus digital download) on September 2nd.

One of the reasons that Draft Day is different than other football movies is that the NFL was on board.

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If you have a "rapid-fire" question (think one word answers here) that you would like to hear Eisen answer, drop it below.