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Forbes: Browns 22nd Most Valuable NFL Franchise

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

According to Forbes, the Browns are the 22nd most valuable franchise in the NFL.

Jimmy Haslam purchased the Browns in 2012 from Randy Lerner for a cool $1 billion. So how do they stack up just 2 years later?

Team value: $1.12 billion

Revenue 2013: $276 million

Operating income 2013: $35 million

Everyone knows about Jimmy Haslam's recent legal troubles, so I wonder how much that factors in to their ranking. In 2011, a year before Haslam purchased the team, the Browns were valued at $977 million (20th).

It remains to be seen what sort of impact Johnny Manziel will have on the rankings, but one would imagine that his presence in Cleveland should aid in moving them up the list. Johnny Football has already lead the NFL in jersey sales, so it is logical to think his marketability will only help the Browns.