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ESPN's breakout player list features only 1 Brown

ESPN put out their 2014 NFL Top-50 breakout players list, and it features just 1 Cleveland Brown.

Matt Sullivan

The Browns may have only posted a 4-12 record last year, but there were a few players that would be considered to have had "breakout seasons." Josh Gordon obviously comes to mind. Jordan Cameron as well.

So it's easy to understand why those guys were omitted from ESPN's recently released 2014 Top-50 breakout players list. Especially given the guidelines that were outlined: no rookies, no 2013 top-100 players, etc.

The Browns however, ended up with just 1 player on the list:

33. Phil Taylor, DT, Cleveland Browns. Taylor has been a pretty good player, but he can be better than that, particularly in a defense that appears to be improving.

That sure was a ringing endorsement..

Despite being around for what seems like a long time, Taylor is only 26 years old, entering his 4th season in the league. He had a great rookie season in 2011, battled injuries in 2012, and had an okay year last year. Thus, Taylor makes sense to have a breakout year this year.

I thought maybe a guy like Tashaun Gipson would sneak onto this list. Or maybe some other candidates would have been: Jabaal Sheard, Mitchell Schwartz, Billy Winn, etc.

What do you all think, did ESPN get it right with just 1 Brown? Who did they miss for the Browns?