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Browns QBs Hoyer and Manziel Talk to Media at Family Day

Browns quarterbacks Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel each spoke to the media after the team's Family Day event on Saturday, revealing some interesting insights for Browns fans to think about.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

As everyone anticipated, the Browns quarterback competition between Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel has been the focal point of the team's first training camp under head coach Mike Pettine.

A crowd of 20,673 Browns faithful witnessed the battle heat up on Saturday. The signalcallers picked up key reps during the team's annual Family Day event, held at the University of Akron's InfoCision Stadium. (If you missed it, check out Chris's comprehensive recap of the day's events.)

The scrimmage gave Browns fans a good glimpse of the competition, but the media's chats with Hoyer and Manziel revealed some interesting tidbits, too. Hoyer spoke about his teammates and the offense's progression, while Manziel talked in great detail about his own development.

I transcribed three questions and answers from each interview, but you can watch each video below, courtesy of

Q: First Impressions?

Brian Hoyer: "It was good. It's good to come out and play in a live situation in a stadium where the calls are coming in through your helmet and you're kind of going through the process. It's good to get out there and do that. I think we got some good work in. Obviously we have a long way to go. Like I talked to the guys the other day, it's a full week into training camp and we have another week before our first preseason game. In training camp terms, that's a long way to go. We definitely need to improve, but I think we did some good things and we did some things we need to improve on."

Q: What are your early impressions of Miles Austin?

Hoyer: "Miles has been great. He's been to the Pro Bowl, so he comes in and he knows how the game is played. He knows to approach everything. He works really hard, he's always trying to improve. We're always talking. He almost gets down on himself too much. I have to say, 'Dude, I know you're a good receiver, you don't have to [get down on yourself].' I've developed a good relationship with him. I think he's looked great. You don't really know what's going to happen, especially because they limited him in the offseason. To come out here and see how he's been playing has been awesome."

Q: "Are you losing something here by not being able to assimilate [Josh Gordon] into the offense?

Hoyer: "Like you said, you talk about Miles Austin, Anthony Armstrong. The next guy has to step up. We don't know what Josh's situation is. So you gotta prepare like he's not  there. He's dealing with his process right now and he's not here. That could be the reality of our season. The other guys have to step up and I think they've done a good job so far."

Q: First impressions?

Johnny Manziel: "Some good, some bad. I thought we moved the ball after the first drive pretty well. I know we had a 16-play drive on the second series, which was good, we were keeping the chains moving. The first drive came out a little sloppy. But from there, I was proud of my group, how the O-line, receivers and running backs played. It was nice."

Q: Have you closed the gap on Brian?

Manziel: "There's no gap I'm looking at right now. It's know the playbook, know everything. There's still so many little things here and there that can throw a play and change a play and can change a defensive look. That's stuff that I wasn't used to. Now I'm seeing it, adjusting and learning."

Q: How did you feel handled the playcalling, terminology, the headset and the playbook in general?

Manziel: "Obviously not very good at the beginning. I had a little slip-up. That's going to happen. Now it's just eliminating those and not have one of them moving forward. Getting better at the terminology, Kyle is helping me out a lot. On some of the playcalls, he's also repeating them and helping me get used to it because it is unfamiliar territory for me using a headset and doing things like that. We're going quicker, making sure we have the right personnel and making sure we have the right amount of men in the huddle. Just running my team and the guys who are out there on the field, that's what I have to continue to get better at."