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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (9/1/14)

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Jason Miller


Cleveland Browns:

  • "Don't be surprised if Grossman returns" (ESPN) - "Rex Grossman might not have taken his last (practice) snap for the Cleveland Browns. Asked after practice on Sunday why the Browns decided to cut the 34-year-old Grossman, coach Mike Pettine took his answer in a different direction about the volatility of rosters in the days after teams must cut down to 53 players."
  • "Mike Pettine: Roster Is Still 'Very Fluid'" ( - "Head Coach Mike Pettine speaks to the media following practice on 8/31." - VIDEO
  • "ReFo: Bears @ Browns, Preseason Week 4" (PFF) - "With the final game of the preseason more about determining final rosters than getting starters prepared for Week 1, the Bears decided to rest all of their starters on both sides of the ball."
  • "Browns 'Deep Tracks' Trivia Vol. 1: Reliving Yesteryear" (WFNY) - "All Browns fans ‘know’ stuff about the team. While it seems true that the fan base is dwindling due to the wanton mismanagement of the franchise, it has been common for generations that we have become infused with Cleveland Browns information, almost by osmosis, throughout our lives."