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Poll: What Should Browns WR Josh Gordon Do?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

It really hasn't been too long since the Cleveland Browns learned the news that WR Josh Gordon has been banned for a year by the NFL, but earlier today, the thought still lingered in my mind -- when are we going to hear about how Gordon's legal team will handle this? Surely, Gordon trying to enter the CFL won't be the last we hear about Gordon until after the 2014 season, right?

This afternoon, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk revealed that Gordon's legal team plans on making a decision in the next day or two.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Gordon’s legal team plans to reach a conclusion in the immediate future.  If suit is filed, expect it to come swiftly — and to include a motion for what the law calls a preliminary injunction.

That leaves this possibility open:

Is it all worth it, though? As others have speculated, if Gordon fights this and loses, Roger Goodell could decide to let his ban go for the full year. It could also means the Browns get a few games from him, but he could end still end up having his ban kick in mid-year, which would further it's length into the 2015 season. And then, there's probably the very tiny chance that Gordon wins altogether, but don't bank on that.

As exciting as it would be for the Browns to have Gordon available in Week 1, what do you think the star receiver should do at this point in time?