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Will Browns LS Christian Yount Survive His Current Slump?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The bye week is over, and it's time for the Cleveland Browns to get back to work and prepare for the Tennessee Titans. One of the decisions made during the bye week was to stick with LS Christian Yount, but his job is far from secure.

During the bye week, the Browns brought in two long snappers -- Charley Hughlett and Kevin McDermott -- for tryouts. Hughlett has never snapped during a regular season game, but since 2012, he's been on the offseason rosters of the Cowboys, Patriots, and Jaguars. McDermott was a rookie in 2013 but was the 49ers' long snapper for all 16 games. He didn't do anything to lose his job; the 49ers opted to go with a versatile long snapper this offseason, one who could also play tight end.

Despite the competition, Yount remains confident:

"I’m not immune to mistakes, just like anybody else. Just going out there trying to do my best every time. Got to get better. ... I don’t believe in slumps. Every time’s a new snap, every day’s a new day. So I just go out and doing the same things I do every day to execute and work at practice to get better."

I'll be rooting for Yount, but I feel like I've seen this story before. Ryan Pontbriand was a Pro Bowl caliber long snapper for eight seasons without a blemish on his record. Then, in his ninth season, Pontbriand faltered. And he faltered. And he faltered. Just like that, he was gone -- all of his years of experience meant nothing. He was done.

Yount replaced Pontbriand at the end of the 2011 season and was perfect for a little over two seasons. In Week 2 against the Saints, a bad snap led to a botched extra point that almost cost Cleveland the game. In Week 3, a low snap on a 50-yard field goal attempt supposedly threw off the timing for K Billy Cundiff and could have been the reason for the miss. Despite Yount being confident he can snap out of it, you can bank on this: his next bad snap will be his final game with the Browns, and if McDermott is still available, he'll be brought in as his replacement.

What do you think, Browns fans? Will Yount break out of his current slump and return to form, or do you think we'll be seeing a new long snapper soon?