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Will the Bills' benching of EJ Manuel hurt the Browns' draft pick?

The Browns possess the Bills' 2015 first round pick. Where will the pick fall now that the Bills have benched quarterback EJ Manuel?

Jason Miller

Cleveland Browns fans are no strangers to quarterback controversies, having witnessed several since 1999.

Cleveland fans can empathize with Bills faithful, who have watched second-year quarterback EJ Manuel struggle in four games so far this season.

After Buffalo's 23-17 loss to the Texans on Sunday, the Bills decided to make a switch at quarterback. The team opted Monday to bench Manuel in favor of veteran backup Kyle Orton.

Many pundits, including former Cleveland Browns senior editor Vic Carucci, have been critical of the Bills' decision to pick Manuel in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

The Bills have managed to win two games in spite of Manuel's poor play, thanks to a solid defense and a solid offense surrounding Manuel. The offense has a number of playmakers, including Sammy Watkins, who the Bills traded up to acquire in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

The Bills paid a big price to take the Clemson wide receiver at No. 4 overall, giving the Browns their 2014 first rounder, plus their 2015 first round and fourth round selections.

The big question is: how will Orton affect Buffalo's playoff chances? Will he help or harm the Bills?

If the Bills crash and burn, the Browns will have a better draft pick high up in the draft. If the Bills make the playoffs, Cleveland's acquired pick from Buffalo in the first round will not be as profitable.

What do you think, Browns fans? Will Orton hand the Browns a solid first rounder or subject Cleveland to the lower depths of the first round? Make your opinion known in the poll and comments section below.