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Browns Sign Long Snapper to Practice Squad

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

One day after we asked fans whether Cleveland Browns long snapper Christian Yount would survive his current slump, the team put the pressure on him even more. The Browns signed Charley Hughlett to their practice squad on Tuesday after giving him a tryout last week. To clear room for Hughlett, the team placed defensive lineman Calvin Barnett on the practice squad injured list (who knew such a list existed?).

This pretty much confirms that Yount is on a short leash, as teams typically don't use practice squad spots and reps on a backup long snapper. My guess would be that Hughlett will get some reps with the special teams unit this week, so that if a change needs to be made, even as soon as next week, he'll at least have some chemistry with his new teammates.

Browns fans don't have much confidence that Yount will snap out of his slump. 64% of the voters in out poll feel that it's only a matter of time before Yount is replaced: