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Josh Gordon Gets Job With NE Ohio Auto Group

Josh Gordon may be suspended from the NFL, but he's found work elsewhere.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we found out the fate of Josh Gordon's appeal, and it wasn't good. So now that he's officially suspended for all 16 game checks, he's in need of work.

According to ESPN's Josina Anderson, Gordon got a new job with Sarchione Auto group as a goodwill ambassador, which includes on-floor sales.

Anderson's full tweet explains his new position in further detail:

#Browns WR Josh Gordon has a new job. He will be the goodwill ambassador for the Sarchione Auto group in Randolph, Ohio, which includes Sarchione Ford and Sarchione Chevrolet . He will be working in all aspects of their car business including as an on-floor salesman. Gordon will also be heading all of their local community efforts including with the Wounded Warriors Project. He starts this weekend.

It'll be easy for many people to make light of this, but the truth of the matter is that Gordon needs some structure in his life. He's clearly made some poor decisions, and if a 9-5 job will help stabilize those decisions while he's out, so be it. Hopefully this will give him some structure and grounding to go forward with in his life, both in the NFL and off the field.

What do you all make of the new gig for Gordon?