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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (1/12/15)

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Cleveland Browns:

  • "Browns announce resignation of Shanahan, departure of Loggains" (PFT) - "The offseason dysfunction in Cleveland was operating on a one-week delay. Just when it seemed that a team desperately in need of continuity would finally be getting some, the Browns officially are looking for a new offensive coordinator and a new quarterbacks coach."
  • "Kyle Shanahan might have bailed before the roof caved in" (Morning Journal) - "Normally, Browns offensive coordinators do not get the chance to say, 'You can’t fire me. I quit!' Kyle Shanahan was not in danger of being fired after one season of navigating the Browns offense through rocky waters, but he quit with two years left on his contract."
  • "Next man up!" (OBR) - "At least they aren’t looking for a new head coach! Baby steps. For the first time since after the 2012 season the Browns are not conducting a search for a new head coach. However, they are looking for a new offensive coordinator for the fourth-straight off-season."
  • "The 7 best Browns feature stories of 2014" ( - "Those who cover the Cleveland Browns and the NFL inked their quill pen and went to work during the 2014 season. Here are seven of our favorite in-depth feature stories and the many things we learned about Browns players and coaches while reading them."