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NFL Announces That All 3 London Games Will Kick Off at 9:30 AM in 2015

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This past season, the NFL tested the waters of scheduling one of the London games (Atlanta vs. Detroit) at 9:30 AM ET. It was treated as a national game, and that meant that many fans got to watch four NFL games on Sunday instead of the typical three games. When Peter King ran a poll on fan feedback, 65% of fans enjoyed the early start time. I fell into that crowd -- I love my Sunday football, and to have a game that kind of acted as a primer for the rest of the day was refreshing.

Today, the NFL announced that they are taking the next step forward toward experimenting with games at 9:30 AM ET -- all three London games will take place at that time.

  • Sunday, October 4: New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins
  • Sunday, October 25: Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Sunday, November 1: Detroit Lions vs. Kansas City Chiefs

It hasn't been confirmed yet whether the games will be shown to a national audience, but if they are, would you plan on watching? Or, do you feel like adding another NFL game to the morning slot is a bit of overkill?