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Joe Haden Joins Dawgs By Nature

The Pro Bowl Cornerback joins Matt Wood discussing why he doesn't sign Steeler gear and touching on his involvement with the Special Olympics.

One of these men cover more ground than water (it's Joe Haden)
One of these men cover more ground than water (it's Joe Haden)
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Let's be honest, it isn't easy being a Cleveland fan. There are more valleys than peaks and more often than not it seems if our stars are in the news for not getting along with coaches, sleeping in past meetings or failing drug tests.

But not the Joe's. For the past few years Joe Haden and Joe Thomas have represented the Cleveland Browns, and maybe more importantly the city of Cleveland, better than anyone else. While others fled, they stayed. While others go to Florida or California for the off-season, Joe Haden goes to Cavs games. It's why fans love them, because they love us.

Earlier this year ESPN had a story on Joe Haden and his love for his brother. Before you click the play button beware, someone is about to start cutting onions in your house.

This is a major reason that Joe Haden is involved with the Special Olympics and why I love the fact he is a Cleveland Brown. He joined me to talk about a wide range of subjects ranging from from his brother to who talks the most trash on the Browns (spolier, he plays in the secondary) and you can hear it only on DBN.

Joe Haden on DBN