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Alec Scheiner: Browns Will Still Have Some of Training Camp in Berea, No Matter What

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns team president Alec Scheiner joined Bull and Fox on 92.3 the Fan Thursday afternoon. He was on the air for about 16 minutes, the first 12 of which involved him getting grilled about the team's increase in ticket prices. At the end of the segment, though, the topic shifted to updates on the team's new uniforms and whether training camp will be moved this year.

The uniforms are still on track to be unveiled some time prior to the 2015 NFL Draft, and it could be some time over the next two months. Scheiner revealed what was new information to me: if the Browns "move training camp" this year, they will still hold a fair number of practices in Berea. Previously, it was thought that all of training camp would be moving off-site. That is good news for somebody like me, who wouldn't have been able to attend training camp had it been moved further away.

The transcript of Scheiner's comments about the uniforms and possible moving of training camp are below:

Dustin: "Where are we at in the process [of getting new uniforms]? When can we expect to hear something about it?"

Alec: "It's almost done. They will definitely be released before the draft, so it could be any time in the next two months. We're excited. The uniforms have been chosen, and it's been decided by the NFL, the Browns, and Nike. Now it's just a matter of figuring out the right timing to roll them out."

Bull: "What is the latest on training camp for the Browns? Do you know right now where you guys will be for 2015?"

Alec: "We don't know right now. We're still working through the same options we were a couple of months ago, which is to stay in Berea or to look outside. I'll say we'll know a lot more within the month. The other thing I've kind of heard when I've talked to fans is this concern that there won't be open practices in Berea. No matter what we decide, we will have open practices in Berea during the summer, and we won't move our training facility from Berea. Those are two things I've heard and I just wanted to make that clear."

Bull: "I'm confused, if you're not moving the training facility, what would you be moving for?"

Alec: "I think about 16 NFL teams do this. They have at least part of their training camp off-site. It helps gets the team together. Dustin, you were part of it."

Dustin: "Loved it. I loved it. I did, honestly. All three teams I played on, we went to college campuses an hour or two hours away and it was great for team-building. Then, we'd come back for like the last two weeks of preseason."

Alec: "That's exactly right. It's also organization building. It's not just team, because a lot of people from our organization get off site and it's a way to just bond with everyone you work with."

Bull: "Is it definitely happening somewhere, or could the whole thing just happen in Berea again this year?"

Alec: "It could be in Berea again this year."

Dustin: "If it is in Berea, is there anything we can do to make it better viewing for the fans? Sometimes, there's like a million fans in there and they can't really have access to see. You might spend all day on fields 1-2, and fans are all the way down on fields 3-4 and you can't see a whole lot. I just thought the experience for some fans, not every fan, kind of stunk a little bit."

Alec: "You know Dustin, that's one reason we've looked outside too, which is we're handicapped in terms of our space in Berea. There's only so many spaces you can watch practice from and we don't have the room to build bleachers and things like that. So, we're looking at that. I think the last two years we've improved the experience a lot. One thing we did last year which helped was we kind of capped the numbers of people who could come in. I'm not positive we can do too much more infrastructure-wise to many it better."