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Poll: Are You Going to Watch The Blacklist on NBC After the Super Bowl?

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

It's time for our annual off-topic discussion of who will watch the Super Bowl's lead-out program. NBC has the broadcast rights to Super Bowl XLIX, and the last time they had an opportunity to air something, they chose to air an episode of The Voice in 2012. That ended up doing very well for NBC, as it captured 37.6 million viewers. Last year, FOX aired a pair of comedies -- New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The latter didn't do as well in the ratings, but long-term, it appears to have gained a larger following.

This year, NBC is airing it's highest-rated drama, The Blacklist. Because the show is not making its series or season debut, it might be more difficult to capture new viewers, so I'd expect them to deliver something intriguing right at the beginning of the episode. The show stars James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington, a criminal who now serves as a confidential informer for the FBI. The episode that will air is titled "Luther Braxton," and is the 9th episode of the second season. This is a two-part episode, so NBC will be trying to hook viewers for its regular timeslot later in the week. The show has been averaging about 10 million viewers per episode this season.

Dramas often seem to come up a tad short in Super Bowl ratings. For example, take a look at how these non-medical dramas have done since 2000:

  • 2000: The Practice (ABC, 23.847 million)
  • 2003: Alias (ABC, 17.362 million)
  • 2006: Criminal Minds (CBS, 26.314 million)
  • 2011: Elementary (CBS, 20.800 million)

Four years ago, only 18% of you said you'd tune in to watch Glee after the Super Bowl. Three years ago, only 12% of you said you'd tune in to watch The Voice. Two years ago, 63% of you said you'd tune in to watch Elementary. Last year, only 27% of you said you'd tune in to watch New Girl. What about this year? Vote in the poll below and let us know in the comments section. Also, feel free to spin this into an off-topic discussion about current television shows you are in to as well!