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Browns' Week 7 Offensive Snap Counts vs. Rams

Looking at the offensive snap counts in the Browns' 24-6 loss to the Rams.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Below, we analyze the snap counts on offense for the Cleveland Browns' Week 7 game against the St. Louis Rams.


Pos Player Plays % Stats
QB Josh McCown
91% 26-of-32 (81.25%) for 270 yards. 4 carries, 21 yards. 2 fumbles lost.
QB Johnny Manziel
9% 4-of-5 (80%) for 27 yards. 1 carry, 5 yards.

After the game, it was revealed that Josh McCown did not have a concussion, but was being evaluated for a shoulder injury. That might pave the way for Johnny Manziel to start the next two games, and with the team now at 2-5, it might be for the best. McCown was accurate with his passes, but the issue still remains where he holds on to the ball too long in certain situations. Some quarterbacks can overcome that, but a guy like McCown can't.

Running Back

Pos Player Plays % Stats
RB Duke Johnson 29 39% 6 carries, 17 yards, 2.8 avg. 7 catches, 73 yards (7 targets).
RB Robert Turbin
27 36% 5 carries, 30 yards, 6.0 avg. 2 catches, 8 yards (2 targets).
RB Isaiah Crowell
19 25% 8 carries, 9 yards, 1.1 avg.
FB Malcolm Johnson 15 20% No stats registered.

I hate the running back rotation Cleveland is using between Robert Turbin and Isaiah Crowell right now, and those who have been reading my stuff for awhile should know that. Pick one guy as the lead back, and be done with it. These guys have to get a higher volume of touches if you want them to catch fire. Look at Todd Gurley -- he probably started with like 7 carries for -2 yards, or something to that effect. And then look how he finished the game. I'm not saying that either Turbin or Crowell are on Gurley's level, but I just don't agree with the approach that is presumably being deployed by Wilbert Montgomery.

Wide Receiver

Pos Player Plays % Stats
WR Travis Benjamin 65 87% 4 catches, 47 yards (8 targets). 1 fumble lost.
WR Brian Hartline 46 61% 3 catches, 22 yards (3 targets).
WR Taylor Gabriel 38 51% 4 catches, 18 yards (4 targets). 1 fumble lost.
WR Andrew Hawkins 37 49% 2 catches, 21 yards (3 targets).
WR Marlon Moore 4 5% 2 catches, 21 yards (3 targets).

The wide receivers of the Browns have received praise all season, but Sunday's outing was not their finest hour. Taylor Gabriel and Travis Benjamin each had costly fumbles, the latter of which resulted in Andrew Hawkins getting a concussion from trying to take down Nick Fairley. The Rams' defense was very physical, and for once, our smaller receivers were the ones over-matched as they couldn't shed tackles nor block them.

Tight End

Pos Player Plays % Stats
TE Gary Barnidge 56 75% 6 catches, 101 yards (7 targets).
TE Jim Dray 35 47% 2 catches, 10 yards (2 targets).

If there is one player who still delivered the goods on offense, it was Gary Barnidge, who made several big plays and looked to be playing with a purpose. I'm glad that Jim Dray was used at least sparingly as a receiver, as you have to keep the defense honest when he's in the game.

Offensive Line

Pos Player Plays % Stats
OL Joe Thomas 75 100%
OL Joel Bitonio 75 100%
OL Alex Mack 75 100%
OL Mitchell Schwartz 75 100%
OL John Greco 68 100%
OL Cameron Erving
11 15%

The offensive line surrendered four sacks and seven quarterback hits. I know that Cameron Erving played a few snaps as a sixth lineman/tight end, but I was surprised to see that John Greco missed 7 snaps. That is equal to the snaps that Johnny Manziel had, and sure enough, when I went back and checked, Erving played the final series. Could a change at guard be in store for next Sunday?


Amount of Offensive Plays, By the Week

  • Week 1: 71 plays
  • Week 2: 49 plays
  • Week 3: 75 plays
  • Week 4: 71 plays
  • Week 5: 88 plays*
  • Week 6: 79 plays*
  • Week 7: 75 plays

We'll have coverage on the defensive snap counts later on.