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Browns to Wear Orange Jerseys This Sunday for the First Time Since 2004

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Many fans were wondering when the Cleveland Browns would finally debut their orange jerseys in the regular season, and earlier today, the team announced that they will do so this Sunday at home against the Arizona Cardinals:

The Browns will wear orange jerseys, white pants, and orange socks. Why didn't the Browns debut the orange jerseys, or the all-orange look, against the Cincinnati Bengals the following Thursday in prime time? The answer is probably that the Bengals have presumably already chosen an all-black or all-orange look for prime time as the home team, which means Cleveland would wear white tops. That's what happened during the Thursday night game between the two clubs last year.

If the Browns want to go with the bold all-orange look in prime time, they'll have a chance to do so when they host the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football on November 30th. Until then, the orange tops might be a way to test out the team's alternate jerseys at least more than once for the 2015 campaign.

The last time the Browns wore orange jerseys came way back on November 21, 2014, when they lost a day game to the New York Jets 10-7. The Browns got a touchdown pass from QB Jeff Garcia to TE Aaron Shea in the second quarter and led 7-3 into the fourth before QB Quincy Carter threw an 11-yard touchdown pass with 5:32 to play. Simply put, both teams had no offense.

I know all we're really hoping for this Sunday is a win, Browns fans, but what do you think of the team bringing out the orange jerseys?