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Browns Currently Sit at No. 3 in 2016 NFL Draft Order

Don't worry, Tramon, help is on the way (in six months).

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

It's never too early to start talking about the NFL Draft in Cleveland.

And while the Browns' 2-7 record means misery and suffering for fans, the losing carries one positive -- a higher draft pick.

As the losses pile up, the Browns are steadily progressing up the draft order. After receiving the No. 12 pick last year, the Browns are currently slated to pick third, according to Mocking the Draft's Dan Kadar.

The Browns advanced from fourth last week following a 31-10 loss to the Bengals on Thursday Night Football and the Titans' win over the Saints.

The Lions (1-7, .542 strength of schedule) and the Chargers (2-7, .530 SOS) own the first two picks above the Browns (2-7, .504 SOS). As Kadar explains, the draft order is based on overall record and then overall strength of schedule.

The Browns have selected third four times since 1999. The club picked Gerard Warren in 2001, Braylon Edwards in 2005, Joe Thomas in 2007, and Trent Richardson in 2012.

With the third pick in 2016, the Browns might have a shot at grabbing a quarterback such as Cal's Jared Goff or Memphis' Paxton Lynch, as Kadar noted.

Even though the draft is six months away, it is fun to discuss. Who do you want to see the Browns select? Let your opinion be heard in the comments section below.