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NFL Power Rankings: Browns Take 32nd Heading in to Week 11 Bye

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a summary of how the Cleveland Browns are viewed across mainstream media outlets heading into Week 11 Power Rankings of the NFL season.

CBS Sports - No. 32 (Down 2 from Last Week)

It's Johnny Manziel time. With nothing to lose, it's time to see if he's the future at QB for the Browns.

FOX Sports - No. 31 (Even from Last Week)

Johnny Manziel went 33 of 45 for 372 yards passing, one touchdown and an interception in Week 10 against the Steelers. It’s his team now. View season trend. - No. 32 (Down 6 from Last Week)

We would get excited over the improvement of the run defense if Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant hadn't catch 16 balls for 317 yards and three touchdowns. Pittsburgh averaged 7.8 yards per play. Given Mike Pettine's lack of exuberance with regard to starting Johnny Football at quarterback, perhaps the coach should trot Manziel out there at corner.

Yahoo Sports - No. 31 (Down 3 from Last Week)

Johnny Manziel was 33-of-45 for 372 yards on Sunday. He wasn't perfect — he was sacked six times and the Browns had just a field goal going into the third quarter — but it's clear now that the Browns need to start him the rest of the season and see where it goes.

ESPN - No. 28 (Down 4 from Last Week)

Josh McCown has more prolific passing stats, but he has just as many wins as Johnny Manziel this season and a lower Total QBR (52.7 to Manziel's 54.5). - No. 30 (Down 6 from Last Week)

Tough dilemma for head coach Mike Pettine. Josh McCown has the better chance to save Pettine’s job, but Johnny Manziel played his best game since college & deserves another shot.

Listed below is a summary table of where teams in the AFC North are ranked this week.

Bengals Browns Ravens Steelers
FOX Sports 5 31 32 6 3 32 29 7
ESPN 4 32 28 9
Yahoo Sports 3 31 28 7 2 30 27 5
SB Nation 5 32 26 6
CBS Sports 3 32 30 11
Average: 3.6 (down 1.5)
31.4 (down 2.5)
28.6 (down 2.6)
7.3 (down 3.3)