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Brandon Weeden on the Same Team as Brian Hoyer Again, in Houston

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Besides underachieving as a first-round pick, one could argue that one of the reasons that QB Brandon Weeden lasted just two years in Cleveland was because of the potential that QB Brian Hoyer once showed. Now, in a season of twists and turns for both quarterbacks, they find themselves re-united in Houston.

The Texans claimed Weeden off waivers on Thursday from the Dallas Cowboys, who said goodbye to him on Tuesday now that starter Tony Romo is returning to action. Weeden had been with Dallas since 2014 and entered the season as their backup. He started three games and completed 72.4% of his passes, but went 0-3 as the coordinator seemed to call a very conservative gameplan. Not pleased with the results they were getting, the team signed veteran Matt Cassel and started him over Weeden. The team then went 0-4 under Cassel, but still must have preferred what he brought to the table.

In Houston, Hoyer began the season in a battle with Ryan Mallett. Head coach Bill O'Brien changed his mind every other quarter regarding who he wanted to start, but once Mallett showed how he was an irresponsible teammate to the extreme, the team cut him and brought back former backup T.J. Yates. That seemed to provide Hoyer some security, but he suffered a concussion last week against the Bengals and Yates managed the team to an upset win over the undefeated Bengals. With Hoyer out this week, Yates will start against the Jets, and Weeden will be his backup.

In an interview on, Weeden called the Texans' offensive playbook "challenging" upon seeing it:

“What I’m trying to do is kind of compare what’s similar and kind of translate into what I know verbally then learn it that way,” Weeden said. “I got it last night and I laid there like ‘Oh my God, what am I looking at’, but it’s a good system. I know a lot of guys that have played in it, and when you’ve got good players and got a good staff it’s a good recipe.”

Even though he's trying to learn fast, given O'Brien's quick trigger at the quarterback position, it would not be a surprise to see Weeden playing on Sunday if Yates were to struggle. The question is, if Weeden does play and delivers a semi-decent performance, does Hoyer face yet another quarterback controversy, this time with his former teammate in Cleveland?