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Poll: Will RB Isaiah Crowell Finish With Over 600 Yards Rushing?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With the Cleveland Browns are on the bye and just six games remaining, it's a fun time to project how some of the team's players on offense will finish the 2015 season, starting with RB Isaiah Crowell.

Not factoring in his receiving stats, in 2014, Crowell was 2nd on the team in rushing with 148 carries for 607 yards (4.1 YPC) and 8 touchdowns. Through 10 games in 2015, Crowell isn't coming close to matching his productivity from a year ago. Here is what he's done through 10 games, and then how that same production would look over a full 16-game season:

Games Carries Yards YPC TD
10 107 328 3.1 1
16 171 525 3.1 1.6

Crowell is only averaging 10.7 carries per game for 32.8 yards, and his touchdown opportunities have been far and few between. Even when it looked like he might get in last week against the Steelers from the 1 yard line, a holding penalty brought it back.

The Browns remaining opponents and their run defense rankings are as follows:

  • Baltimore: 10th
  • Cincinnati: 13th
  • San Francisco: 21st
  • Seattle: 11th
  • Kansas City: 8th
  • Pittsburgh: 5th

It seems absurd that a starting running back is only averaging 32.8 yards per game, but we haven't seen improvement in the running game through 10 weeks. If the Browns are able to clean a few things up, though, Crowell would need just 45.33 yards rushing per game over the final 6 games to reach 600 yards on the season.

What do you think, Browns fans? Do you see Crowell getting over 600 yards rushing on the season, or is he going to fail to crack that threshold? Regardless of what Crowell does, it wouldn't be the most inept the team's running game has been in recent years. In 2013, the team's leading rusher was Willis McGahee, who had 377 yards and a 2.7 YPC average.