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Poll: How Many Yards and Touchdowns Will TE Gary Barnidge Finish With?

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

The other day, we highlighted how Cleveland Browns TE Gary Barnidge has been a late bloomer in terms of his receiving productivity. Unlike WR Travis Benjamin, who broke out in his fourth year in the league, Barnidge has broken out in his eighth year. Now the question is whether or not Barnidge can keep up his productivity with QB Johnny Manziel under center instead of QB Josh McCown. Here is how Barnidge's production would project out over a 16-game season:

Games Catches Yards TDs
10 48 667 7
16 77 1,067 11

Barnidge's production has been drastically different depending on which quarterback is under center:

QB Games Catches Yards TDs
Josh McCown 6 36 (6/game) 512 (85.33/game) 6 (1/game)
Johnny Manziel 4 12 (3/game) 155 (38.75/game) 1 (0.25/game)

If Barnidge's production with McCown continued over the final 6 games, he'd finish the season with 72 catches for 1,179 yards and 12 touchdowns. If Barnidge's production with Manziel continued over the final 6 games, he'd finish the season with 66 catches for 900 yards and 8.5 touchdowns.

With that in mind, this is a two-part poll question. First, do you think Barnidge will finish the season with 1,000+ yards receiving? Second, do you think he'll reach at least 10 touchdowns on the year? If Barnidge reaches 1,000+ yards receiving, he'd be the first Browns tight end to do so since Kellen Winslow had 1,106 yards receiving with Derek Anderson in 2007.