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Browns to Wear Brown Jerseys, Orange Pants on Monday Night Football

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns announced the uniform combination that they will wear for this Monday's home game against the Baltimore Ravens:

The team will wear brown jerseys, orange pants, and brown socks in prime time. The only other time the team has worn brown tops and orange pants this season came against the Jets on the road in Week 1. The team also wore orange socks in that game, which did not look good because it extended the look of the orange pants way too much. The brown socks should offer a much better contrasting view.

While it is certainly not a bad uniform choice, it's also a surprise that the Browns opted not to debut their all-orange (jerseys+pants) look. The only time the team has worn orange jerseys this year came in a home game against the Arizona Cardinals, but they combined it with white pants. With several teams (the Jets, Bills, and Panthers) having gone with all-one-color in recent weeks, I expected the Browns to be next with their flavor of orange. Now, one has to wonder whether the club will wait until 2016 to debut them, or if they'll be used in one of the remaining non-prime-time games in 2015.