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PFF: Browns' Offensive Line Ranks #2 Through 8 Games

ProFootballFocus ranks the NFL's offensive lines through 8 games.

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According to ProFootballFocus, the Cleveland Browns have the second-best offensive line in the NFL. We're almost to the midway point of the season, and they've compiled their rankings to see where each team's OL stands, and the Browns are well-regarded thus far.

Despite the recent trade speculation of two of the franchise's most valuable assets, Joe Thomas and Alex Mack, the Browns did not make any deadline-day deals. Thomas and Mack are still Browns for now, and that's a good thing, considering they anchor said offensive line. What surrounds them, however, leaves much to be desired, obviously.

Regardless of the remaining six people on offense, the front Browns' five o-linemen have been solid yet again this year.

(Editor’s note: Each unit’s rank entering Week 5 is in parenthesis next to the team’s name. Each player’s 2015 overall grade is denoted in parenthesis next to that player’s name, using PFF’s new 1–100 scale.)

2. Cleveland Browns (3rd)

Pass blocking rank: 1st

Run blocking rank: 5th

Penalties rank: 25th

Stud: Joe Thomas (93.8), despite trade rumors, remains the best player the Browns have on the roster.

Dud: We’re drawing a blank here. Every starter on the line has a positive grade. That’s impressive.

Summary: The scary thing is, this line could get better. Alex Mack (77.9) isn’t back to his pre-injury levels, and as good as Joel Bitonio (83.3) has been, he’s not reached his rookie-year efforts yet. Even despite that, this is a line that does its best to overcome the limitations of the Browns’ skill players.

You can read the full list, here. Spoiler: the Cowboys took the top spot.

What do you all make of the ranking, fair or no?