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Conflicting Reports on the Joe Thomas Trade Rumors

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Right before the trade deadline last week, Cleveland Browns LT Joe Thomas was the source of trade rumors up to the very last minute of the 4:00 PM ET deadline. General manager Ray Farmer went under heavy scrutiny for even considering a trade involving Thomas, while Thomas maintained that he'd rather ride things out with the Browns in 2015.

Sunday morning, a conflicting report came out via Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, indicating that it was actually Thomas' camp who helped get the ball rolling on trade talks:

Rapoport follows that up with saying that the trade talks fell through when the Broncos would not guarantee as much money as Thomas wanted. Both of Rapoport's tweets should be viewed differently, though: I don't think Thomas' camp asked for a trade, but once they heard that the All-Pro left tackle could be headed to Denver, they might have stepped in regarding the guaranteed money, either for Thomas' protection, or to ensure he stayed with Cleveland.

Nonetheless, shortly after Rapoport's tweets, Thomas' agent, Peter Schaffer, got in touch with Pro Football Talk to vehemently deny every bit of information that Rapoport tweeted, including that Thomas never asked out of Cleveland, nor did they ever try to re-do anything related to Thomas' contract:

"I never asked for any re-do of the contract," Schaffer said. "The Broncos never asked to do anything with the contract. We never asked for guaranteed money. The whole thing is made up. ... I can assure you 1 million percent that nothing [Rapoport is] saying is true."

Rapoport has been far from squeaky clean with his track record -- let's just say that he's no Jay Glazer or Adam Schefter, and is more willing to run with "what he's hearing" versus the hard facts. Given Schaffer's quick response, I'm willing to believe Thomas was at Farmer's mercy during this whole ordeal.