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Browns Will Not Receive Draft Pick for Trading RB Terrance West

Cliff McBride/Getty Images

When the Cleveland Browns traded RB Terrance West, a 3rd round pick in 2014, to the Tennessee Titans leading up to Week 1 this season, it was reported that the Browns would receive a conditional 7th round pick in 2016 in return. The "conditional" part of that pick was based on playing time, and late last week, the Titans waived West after playing in just two games, which wasn't enough for Cleveland to net a pick.

With the Titans, West had 13 carries for 41 yards in Week 1, but lost a fumble. In Week 2, his "revenge" game against the Browns, he had 3 carries for 10 yards, with one of those carries being a fumble that helped lead to one of two Browns victories this year. West never saw another carry for Tennessee, despite the team being in a desperate search for a lead running back.

Nobody claimed West, who is now a free agent.

In other former Browns running back news, tragedy has struck RB Dion Lewis again. After finally getting a chance to shine in New England this year, he tore his ACL against the Washington Redskins. If coming back from a broken leg wasn't hard enough, this might end up being the final straw for a guy who had so much potential.