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Best Reactions to the Browns' Loss to the Ravens

The Browns' last second loss to the Ravens on a "kick-six" elicited strong responses from Browns fans. One fan even tore his Barkevious Mingo jersey (sorry, Keke).

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Say what you will of the Cleveland Browns, but at least they're creative.

Just when you thought the Browns had run out of ways to lose, the team showed off another in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football -- a blocked field goal return for a touchdown.

The loss sent Browns Twitter spiraling out of control, beginning with the team's official account.

Some media soon followed suit, too.

Words can only say so much, however. This video perhaps best captures the emotions of being a Browns fan, as one poor fan literally tears his Barkevious Mingo jersey in anger. (Caution: NSFW language)

This video also perfectly captures the nature of being a Browns fan, as seen in poor Matt's face.

The reaction wasn't just limited to the media and fans after the game.

The long-lost Josh Gordon chimed in on the loss.

Outsiders also got a slice of the pie. Everyone enjoyed poking fun at the Browns on this Browns-iest of nights.

Good night, Browns fans.