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Former Cleveland Radio Personality Joe Lull Accuses Browns of "Unseemly Behavior"

According to Joe Lull, formerly of 92.3 The Fan, some shady things are happening in the Browns' organization. Is owner Jimmy Haslam aware of these allegations?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Ominous accusations are floating around about the Cleveland Browns.

And no, the rumors have nothing to do with Johnny Manziel.

According to one well-known former Cleveland radio personality, something fishy is going on in Berea.

Following the Browns' 33-27 loss to the Ravens last night, former 92.3 The Fan personality Joe Lull took to Twitter to air some of the Browns' alleged dirty laundry.

Some very interesting words, indeed.

One prominent member of the local media, Orange & Brown Report's Lane Adkins, came to Lull's defense, and supported his claims.

Adkins is typically spot-on with his analysis and insight, making Lull's claims seem based in some truth.

It is important to note that Lull's claims have not been proven with substantial evidence. Based on Lull's prior credibility, we can speculate that the rumors and allegations might at least some founding. However, we cannot definitively state any accusations as fact at the current time. It's important to remember this.

The next step is not set in stone. Lull will largely have to keep quiet, or risk legal action by the Browns.

As this situation unfolds, members of the national media will now likely dig for further information, which may or may not uncover evidence and validate Lull's claims.

Either way, a seed of doubt has been planted: Is the dysfunction in Berea deeper and more serious than we first thought? We may soon find out.

UPDATE #1: DBN reached out to the Browns for a comment early Tuesday morning. As of 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, Browns PR had not responded to the request for comment.

UPDATE #2: According to Lull, Browns President Alec Scheiner reached out to him Tuesday afternoon.

The conversation sounds like it was interesting.

As Lull tweeted, it's now up to the local and national media to uncover evidence and determine the truth of Lull's claims.