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"Angry Browns Fan" Debuts New Browns Christmas Video, "Is 2015 Over Yet?"

Angry Browns Fan is back, with a vengeance.

Photo courtesy of Brad Brown, Angry Browns Fan

As Christmas quickly approaches, Cleveland Browns fans are certainly feeling blue.

The Browns stand at 2-10 with little hope for the future and a head coach and general manager on the hot seat.

Perhaps no one expresses Browns' fans frustrations as creatively as Brad Brown, also known as the Angry Browns Fan.

On the day of the Browns' heartbreaking 33-27 loss to the Ravens, Brown released a Christmas special for the third straight year, entitled, "A Very Angry Browns Fan Christmas: Is 2015 Over Yet?" Watch the video on YouTube here.

Two years ago, Brown began creating videos following each Browns' loss, expressing his frustration towards the team's embarrassing moments. Then, Brown decided to do something different as Angry Browns Fan. He debuted a video of Browns-themed Christmas songs, poking fun at the team. The concept worked, so he did it again last year.

Brown's first two Christmas specials were well-received, accruing over 612,000 combined views.

This year's version includes spoofs of Christmas classics "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" ("Pettine says to Play Like a Brown) and "Blue Christmas" ("Another Browns season is over"), among others.

"I think this year's edition is alright, people seem to be enjoying it," Brown said. "I won't land a record contract anytime soon that's for sure. I'm just trying to bring a few laughs after we endure so much pain."

Angry Browns Fan's songs certainly capture the pain fans have suffered this season. Kudos to Brown for helping fans cope with some laughter.

You can watch Angry Browns Fan's Christmas special and all of his other videos here.