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Browns in Top-5 of NFL's Most Painful Teams to Watch

You may want to find another game to watch...

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

We are all very familiar with how Sundays go these days... Wake up with hope of a victory in the afternoon, only to realize at 4 PM you've thrown more beer cans at the TV screen than the Browns have points.

The Wall Street Journal took a look recently at the NFL's most painful teams to watch, and you guessed it...the Browns were right near the top. You can check out the entire article, here. There's a nice chart in there that shows a break down of who is the worst at what.

Settling in right near the top of the rankings are the Browns, here's what Kevin Clark of the WSJ had to say about them:

4. Cleveland Browns

The Browns are back to Johnny Manziel as starting quarterback, the team said Tuesday, and while that will cause a slight uptick in their overall watchability, they still likely won’t be much to behold. Cleveland is second in the league at getting big plays called back due to penalty. The team’s best performances occur with the quarterback off the field—returner Travis Benjamin is third-best in the NFL—and the Browns almost always go for it when facing fourth- and-short in their opponents’ territory. So…at least they’re aggressive about what they do?

It is hard to argue the assessment. The Browns are miserable to watch. Between the penalties, lack of big plays, and just general overall suckiness, Sundays are no bueno. I will concede to being a Johnny Manziel backer, so I am at least excited to watch him. Outside of that, not much else is worth tuning in for.

What do you all think, fair assessment of the Browns watchability?