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64% of Browns Fans Want Johnny Manziel to Start, But Majority of Fans Believe Mike Pettine Will Choose Austin Davis

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE (11:06 AM): The Browns have announced that Austin Davis will start at quarterback this Sunday.


After the news broke Tuesday that QB Josh McCown's season was over (broken collarbone), we asked fans two questions about the quarterback position for the rest of the season: who do you want to start, and who do you think head coach Mike Pettine will start. The results of the poll are below.

QB Start Poll

64.4% of fans want QB Johnny Manziel to start the rest of the season, compared to 35.6% of fans who want Davis to start the rest of the year. I actually thought the numbers would be a little higher for Manziel, so some of the fan base must have been too turned off by either Manziel's bye-week cover up, or Davis' comeback attempt against Baltimore left them wanting more.

While the majority of fans want Manziel to start, the majority of fans don't think it will happen. 34.8% of fans believe that Pettine will actually start Manziel. 65.2% of fans believe that Pettine is going to name Davis the starter.

Pettine is scheduled to speak with the local media in Berea at 12:05 PM today, where he should name the starter for Sunday's game against the Bengals. If he witholds the information for another day, the media will keep their prying eyes on practice, which begins at 1:10 PM, and then see what players have to say during open locker room interviews at 2:45 PM.