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Browns Will Start Austin Davis at QB Against Bengals, Leaving Johnny Manziel on the Bench

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Get ready for "Cleveland Browns Quarterback Controversy, Part ... (I've lost track by now)."

An hour before head coach Mike Pettine is scheduled to speak with the media, the team announced that Austin Davis will start this Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Going by the results of our poll from yesterday, this is not what most fans wanted, but it is what most fans expected. This decision is in line with the news from the bye week that the former first round pick Manziel had been demoted to third string. One week was clearly not enough time to earn back the trust of the coaching staff. Instead, we'll be able to add another name to that infamous jersey when Austin Davis takes the first snap on Sunday. Here's what head coach Mike Pettine had to say about Davis:

"Austin took advantage of his opportunity on Monday night. He was prepared, played well and put us in position to win," Pettine said. "He’s been great in the quarterback room all season and he has earned the right to start on Sunday. We expect him to play well."

It's worth pointing out that no commitment has been made beyond this week, but for now, Davis is the new starting quarterback of the Browns. Pettine will talk more about the quarterback situation a little later. The team also confirmed the signing of WR Terrelle Pryor earlier today. He will primarily be a wide receiver, but naturally you'd think that he'd serve as the No. 3 emergency quarterback too.