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VIDEO: Who Drafted Better for the Browns, the Chickens or GM Ray Farmer?

Cleveland comedian Mike Polk conducted an experiment recently to see who would come out with a better draft: a group of barnyard chickens, or Browns general manager Ray Farmer. The experiment used the pool of the 2014 NFL Draft, when Farmer selected CB Justin Gilbert at No. 8 overall and QB Johnny Manziel at No. 22 overall.

In the experiment, Polk took the top 32 prospects on Mike Mayock's board heading into the draft and wrote their names on checkers. Because the Browns had No. 4 overall in that draft before trading with the Bills, that is the spot that the chickens picked at. The top three prospects who were actually drafted were removed from the pool. The results? See for yourself in's video below:

The chickens selected:

WR Brandin Cooks
WR Kelvin Benjamin
LB Anthony Barr
OLB Khalil Mack
WR Marqise Lee

Each chicken was supposed to make two picks, so I assume one of the picks was cut out for editing purposes. If you could take any subset of the five players above, which would you prefer -- that subset, or the combination of Gilbert and Manziel?