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2016 NFL Draft Order: Browns Still at No. 2

The 3-12 Browns are chasing the Titans for the top spot.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Mercifully, only one game stands between the Cleveland Browns and the offseason.

A silver lining still exists for the 3-12 Browns, as the club remains second in the 2016 NFL Draft order, with a chance to move up to No. 1.

For the second straight week, the Browns hold the No. 2 spot in the draft order, standing only behind the 3-12 Tennessee Titans. The Titans hold the top slot based on the first tiebreaker, strength of schedule. The Browns have a .536 SOS, significantly higher than the Titans' .492 SOS. In other words, the Titans have the same record despite facing weaker opponents.

The Titans and the Browns are the only 3-12 teams in the NFL, while the Chargers, Cowboys, and 49ers all sit at 4-11.

Week 17 will decide the top of the draft order, as the Titans play the Colts and the Browns play the SteelersAccording to OddsShark, the Steelers are favored by 8.5 and the Colts are favored by 6.

If both the Browns and Titans lose, or the Titans lose and Browns win, the Titans will take the top pick. If the Titans win and the Browns lose, the Browns will take the first overall pick. If both teams win, the Titans will likely take the first spot, based on SOS.

The Browns have never drafted second overall in the expansion era. The club has only held the No. 2 pick once in franchise history -- 1991. The Browns selected Eric Turner, a safety out of UCLA.

The Ventura, California spent nine seasons in the NFL, including five with the Browns from 1991-95. Turner was selected as a Pro Bowler twice and notched All-Pro status in 1994. He recorded 484 tackles and 17 interceptions in 60 games as a Brown, according to Pro Football Reference.

With several promising options, who would you like to see the Browns select second? OLB Joey Bosa, QB Jared Goff, QB Paxton Lynch, or someone else? Let your opinion be heard in the comments section below.