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NFL Power Rankings: Steelers Tumble Heading into Week 17 Match vs. Browns

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a summary of how the Cleveland Browns are viewed across mainstream media outlets heading into Week 17 Power Rankings of the NFL season.

CBS Sports - No. 30 (Down 1 from Last Week)

Johnny Manziel has done some interesting things, but will this staff be back to see him develop?

FOX Sports - No. 31 (Down 2 from Last Week)

As another losing season comes to a close, both the front office and coaching staff are on the hot seat. It will be interesting to see what direction ownership goes in both cases, and how it will affect Johnny Manziel’s chances of becoming the team’s starter in 2016. - No. 27 (Even from Last Week)

Maybe Johnny Manziel will get reprimanded by the league and all that jazz, but I personally liked the helmet-throwing emotion we saw from Mr. Football on Sunday. The guy clearly wants to win. OK, everyone wants to win. But how about guys who hate losing? It didn't look like Manziel was playing to any cameras at the end of the tight loss to the Chiefs, when the officials took their sweet time spotting the football as the clock ticked away. Manziel's passing numbers weren't great, but don't tell me he wasn't competing his butt off out there. He eclipsed 100 yards rushing against that Chiefs defense, too.

Yahoo Sports - No. 31 (Down 1 from Last Week)

Johnny Manziel went 13 of 32 for 136 yards on Sunday. If this last stretch was an audition, I think he needs a strong finish. Too inconsistent for a team to feel good building around him next offseason.

ESPN - No. 30 (Up 2 From from Last Week)

Browns point totals in Johnny Manziel's past five starts: 10, 9, 24, 13, 13. The Browns are 1-4 in those starts, beating only the 49ers. - No. 26 (Up 2 from Last Week)

The Browns have scored a grand total of 19 points in Johnny Manziel’s three previous starts against divisional foes – the teams that know how to stop him best.

Listed below is a summary table of where teams in the AFC North are ranked this week.

Bengals Browns Ravens Steelers
FOX Sports 9 31 25 11 9 27 28 7
ESPN 6 30 24 9
Yahoo Sports 5 31 28 11 6 26 29 7
SB Nation 7 30 26 8
CBS Sports 5 30 28 12
Average: 6.7 (up 0.6)
29.3 (up 0.1)
26.9 (up 3.8)
9.3 (down 4.3)