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Mike Pettine Admits to Organizational Tension

What has long been speculated, Pettine comes (somewhat) clean on.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

For a long while it has been speculated that there is tension within the Browns organization, specifically in the front office. During Monday's press conference, head coach Mike Pettine admitted that there is in fact tension within the organization. While he did not specify exactly which parts of the organization were tense, he did shed some light on the situation. The Plain Dealer's Mark Kay Cabot has a write-up from yesterday's conference, and below is an excerpt that gives us some insight into the tension Pettine was discussing:

I can't sit here and say, 'Absolutely, we're all on board, 100 percent.' That's not reality because when things don't go well, everybody has their opinions and their reasons why, but it's going to come down to a brutal self-assessment and to be able to have the strength to make tough decisions and trust them and move forward.

While he doesn't name departments or specific people, one can deduce that the front office is an easy guess. Given what we know about the powers that be, it's fair to assume that Pettine is likely referring to the dynamic between the coaching staff, general manager Ray Farmer, and owner Jimmy Haslam.

When asked specifically about the potential issues with Haslam, Farmer, and team president Alec Scheiner, Pettine said, "When you have the record that we have, if there's not tension in the building, there's a problem."

It is unclear obviously who, or what he's speaking about specifically, but it's safe to say that the temperature in Berea is getting warm. And warmer with each loss tacked on to a growing 7-game losing streak. That goes for not only coach Pettine, but Ray Farmer as well. It'd be naive to believe 100% that both will survive this season without being fired.

What do you all make of Pettine's comments? Do his comments from yesterday make you believe more or less that he and/or Ray Farmer will be fired?