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San Francisco 49ers vs. Cleveland Browns: Week 14 TV Coverage

Who gets to watch the 49ers vs. Browns game on television this week?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The areas in orange are scheduled to show the Cleveland Browns take on the San Francisco 49ers on FOX this Sunday during the 1:00 PM ET time slot. Joe Davis and Brady Quinn will call the action, so we'll see how much the Browns' former first-round pick rips on the club.

The Bengals play a home game against the Steelers on CBS, which eats in to the Cincinnati area's coverage. Columbus will see the Browns game. The Detroit game is taking up coverage in the northwestern parts of Ohio.

Note: Coverage areas are subject to change. The map is from; click here to see all of their NFL coverage maps this week.

Week 14 TV Map

If you live in the Cleveland area, these are the games you will be able to watch on Sunday:


Thursday Night Football = Minnesota Vikings vs. Arizona Cardinals
Monday Night Football = New York Giants vs. Miami Dolphins

We will have open threads on DBN for all Browns and prime time games.