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The Mike Polk Show on Kyle Shanahan's Exit

According to some reports, Kyle Shanahan presented a 32-point Powerpoint presentation to the Cleveland Browns brass explaining why he wanted out. The Mike Polk show gives us insight into the content of this presentation.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

I can't picture it going any other way.

#3 is a disappointment for many fans.

#4 is a damn shame.

#16 5'1".

#20 My biggest takeaway from visiting Browns HQ in Berea: Not enough escalators.

#25 This could be the answer.

#26 Now we're getting the truth.

#27 Swagger freaking out in the high wind was the most entertaining thing on the field when I attended the Houston game. They ended up having to take him inside because he wouldn't calm down.

Mike Pettine needs to learn Powerpoint.

In all seriousness, I think his actual complaints were probably all to do with his interactions with the coaching staff and the front office.