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Mike Pettine & Ray Farmer to Meet With the Media at the NFL Combine

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Every year at the NFL Combine, the majority of teams have a representative or two who hold a mini press conference. This year, the Cleveland Browns are one of the few teams who will have both their head coach and their general manager speak.

On Wednesday, head coach Mike Pettine will be one of the final interviews of the day as he meets with the media at 3:00 PM ET. On Thursday, general manager Ray Farmer will speak at 10:30 AM ET. This will be the first time that Farmer is talking to the media since the team confirmed he was responsible for "text-gate," but hopefully he's able to talk more about player personnel topics rather than his own issues.

It's also possible a member of the Browns' front office could host a special session for Cleveland-area reporters only. The full list of interviews scheduled can be found here. We will have reports on every press conference that has any Browns-related nuggets.