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Fans Split on Whether the Browns Should Use the Franchise Tag on TE Jordan Cameron

The results are in, and it's almost a split decision on whether the Browns should use the franchise tag on TE Jordan Cameron.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Speaking at the NFL Combine on Wednesday, head coach Mike Pettine said the following when asked about whether the team would try to bring TE Jordan Cameron back:

"It's being discussed. Jordan is a very good football player. He had a much better year two years ago. Obviously he had some setbacks injury-wise this year that affected his production. But that's certainly on the table being discussed. It still falls back to when you work in a cap environment, it's got to be the right player first, but just as important it's got to be the right price."

If Cameron does not want to re-sign with the Browns, using the franchise tag on him by 4:00 PM ET on March 2nd is an option. It would cost the Browns about $8.27 million in 2015 -- we discussed the pros and cons of using the franchise tag on Cameron, and I was in favor of using the tag on him if it came down to that. While more fans preferred using the tag on Cameron than letting him walk, the fan base is pretty divided on this topic:

Jordan Cameron Poll

56% of fans said they would franchise Cameron if he wanted to leave, while 44% think it's time to move on.