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Super Bowl Twitter Reactions of Browns' Players

Andrew Hawkins was one of the most active Browns players on Twitter last night.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

As reported this morning, last night's thriller between the Patriots and the Seahawks received the highest overnight rating in the history of the Super Bowl.

Many current and former Browns players were among those watching the game and several tweeted about the game. Their reactions provide some keen insight into a game known for overanalysis.

Before the start of the game, many asked for pre-game predictions, but few offered opinions on who would win.

The Browns Twitterverse remained quiet for most of the first half, though Spencer Lanning chimed in to defend his fellow punter, Seattle's Jon Ryan.

A number of players opened up Twitter at halftime to discuss commercials and the halftime show.

The tweets became more frequent in the second half as the game intensified.

Following Malcolm Butler's interception on the deciding play of the game, Browns players and alumni initially expressed surprise, but universally criticized the decision to pass the ball instead of handing the ball to Marshawn Lynch.

As the discussion continued through the night on Twitter, Travis Benjamin summed up the situation perfectly.