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The Eve of a New Era in Cleveland Browns Logos

George Rose/Getty Images

As announced last week, the Cleveland Browns will officially unveil their new logos on Tuesday, February 24th. The evolution of a logo evokes a lot of emotion from fans. Even as we look at the evolution of the Dawgs By Nature logo, you can see how certain input can effect the process.

Dawgsbynature_medium Logov1_medium Logov2_medium Logov3_medium Logov4_medium

The logo on the far left was our original logo. When SB Nation re-branded every site's logo, they consulted with the site managers. I stressed two things prior to the initial conception: keeping the orange and brown color scheme, and having a dog in it (because our site is called Dawgs By Nature). The second logo was presented to me, and if I would have just accepted it and moved on, that would have been our logo. I inquired about a re-work of the dog, as well as my desire to have it be tan vs. grey, and the result was better than I could have asked for (on the far right).

When it comes to the Browns' new logos, we've seen a ton of mock-ups from fans over the past year or so, and the rumors about the logos have heated up over the past week.

Here are a few things we've heard about the logo that seem like hints from local beat reporters rather than pure speculative rumors:

  • There will be more than one new logo: one primary, and the rest alternates.

  • Daryl Ruiter from 92.3 the Fan has said that brown face masks will be part of the new helmet, which would lead one to believe that if the helmet is involved in one of the logos, its face mask will also be brown.

  • Ruiter also says, "While fans wait on pins and needles for this unveil, I've not heard much excitement about them; described as 'underwhelming, nothing special.'" He also says that one of the logos, presumably an alternate logo, will pay tribute to the Dawg Pound.

  • Multiple reports have said that "Brownie the Elf" will not be involved in any of the logos.

  • Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland tweeted last night, "Regarding the Browns' new logo and uniform: the name of the franchise is not Dawgs." While it's a bit cryptic, is Grossi insinuating that a dog is not part of any of the logos? Either that, or he's throwing a dig at Dawgs By Nature, in which case a war is about to start.

  • A very interesting post was made to reddit this morning from a person who claims to have seen merchandise with three new Browns logos. The third one, a silhouette or Paul Brown, drew immediate intrigue from fans. Not too long ago, though, Grossi shot down the rumor of that logo.

  • The last time the Browns changed their logo, the only change to the "helmet logo" was that the face mask was updated from white to grey. A new logo does not imply a drastic change. My personal prediction is that we'll see the face mask change to brown in the logo, the hue of the orange helmet, and for the overall logo to be a slightly more modern rendition of a helmet logo.

Use this as an open thread to discuss the logo release and your anticipation of it. We will update this thread as rumors start coming out.

UPDATE (3:13 PM): DBN's Mike Krupka is hearing from a source that, much like Ruiter was told, the "new logos" thing has been way over hyped by the media. This would play into my thought about the logos pretty much staying the same, except with revised colors.