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Browns Almost Certainly Move on From QB Brian Hoyer

The Browns pretty much said their goodbyes to QB Brian Hoyer.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns have signed veteran quarterback Josh McCown, so what does that mean for the future of Brian Hoyer? According to Albert Breer of, the Browns called Hoyer prior to the announcement that the team was signing McCown:

You'd have to imagine that the Browns thanked Hoyer for his services and acknowledged that they are moving in a different direction. Although McCown is going to compete for (and will probably win) a starting role in 2015, the fact that he made the sales pitch that he's willing to mentor the young quarterbacks on the roster is probably what drew the team to McCown. Hoyer, on the other hand, has been more vocal over the past year that he wants to start, a chance he might now get in Buffalo once free agency begins.