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Report: Ray Farmer Responsible for Texting Browns Coaches During Games

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The bombshells are being unleashed left and right when it comes to the Cleveland Browns. We covered Jason La Canfora's startling editorial about the team, but prior to his report coming out, Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer broke the news that GM Ray Farmer is the front office executive who is under investigation for reportedly sending text messages to coaches on gameday, something that is not within league rules.

Per Cabot, the NFL is wrapping up their investigation, and the outcome could be revealed any time over the next month. The potential punishments on the table are harsh:

Farmer is facing a multi-game suspension -- as many as three or four games -- and the Browns are facing the loss of a draft pick if the probe, conducted by in-house NFL executives, shows that Farmer acted improperly.

I could live with our general manager serving a suspension during the regular season, but being stripped of a draft pick would hurt significantly, regardless of what round it came in. The front office meddling in coaching decisions is reportedly one of the reasons why offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan wanted out of his contract.