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The OBR's Lane Adkins Breaks Down the Browns' Controversies on 92.3 the Fan

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Last night, I wrote a column to come to the defense of the Cleveland Browns organization after the "scathing" report that came out about them by Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports this past week. In my defense, I cited some information from Lane Adkins of The OBR. This morning, I was stunned and very pleased to hear that Adkins would be a guest on 92.3 the Fan with host Joe Lull.

The interview lasted about 12-13 minutes. If you want to catch the cliff notes version, fellow DBN writer Jon Stinchcomb kindly put together a summary of what Adkins dished out:

  • What we see now is an "exaggeration" of what's really going on.

  • Alec Scheiner wanting football influence is an "assumption leaning toward reality" by the media, but he hasn't made any football decisions yet.

  • Ray Farmer made the pick for Johnny Manziel. Haslam's love for Manziel was well-known going in to the draft, but he didn't make that call on draft day. The "wreck this league" text really happened and triggered the draft pick, and everyone (in the war room) was on board.

  • There was a growing disconnect on the coaching staff. The defensive head coach (Mike Pettine) didn't delve into Kyle Shanahan's work on offense. The front office more and more started to question the offensive playcalling in general. It was festering for weeks before the illegal text.

  • Lane doesn't know how much truth there is to the infamous PowerPoint presentation about excuses to bolt from his contract. He knows that Shanahan had compiled a list of notes as to why he wanted out.

  • What's been reported on the Shanahan's collapse in Washington doesn't even begin to touch on the troubles there.

  • Early on, there was a disconnect between Shanahan's comments and Pettine's comments about how the offense would be run and the mentality behind it, but for a long time, Pettine still thought he could succeed with him. Unfortunately, the separation kept growing over time.

  • Joe summarizes Lane by saying it sounds like eventually the Browns wanted Shanahan out and Shanahan wanted to leave. Adkins confirmed that the Browns had no problems letting him out of his contract when he requested it.

  • Lane concludes that it's not as bad as it appears in Berea. Even though some of the negative press is deserved, he suggests stepping off the ledge and judging new hires based on what they do on the job.

If you aren't already doing so, give Lane a follow on Twitter. He and I seem to share the same mentality about the Browns -- my thoughts are more so based on the old Butch Davis gut feeling, while Adkins' thoughts stem from some rather legitimate sources (based on the past stories The OBR have broken).