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Brian Hoyer speaks with the media

The soon-to-be free agent quarterback discussed his time with the Browns and his thoughts on the future.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Hoyer's opening statement:

"If think, for me, I've proven that I can win in this league as a starting quarterback. Now, did the season end the way we wanted it to? No, we fell off and there's a lot of reasons why that happened. So, I'm not gonna shy away from my responsibility in that part but, for me, I feel like 16 starts have shown that I can be a winning quarterback in this league. So, especially at this point in my career, I want to go somewhere -- whether it's here or wherever it might be -- that I'm going to be able to have a chance to be on the field."

On if the Browns have given him feedback about their interest and his chances to start for them:

"I haven't spoken to them, that'd be a better question for [my agent]. From what he's told me it's been very brief talk just to gauge where we're at."

On if the behind-the-scenes atmosphere in the Browns headquarters will factor into his decision to return or go elsewhere:

"It obviously will. I'm going to make the best decision possible. You read stories and see what's going on and I'm just as interested as you guys are to see where that goes. Especially because when you read it has to do with the quarterback situation and playcalling, that's something that could effect how I feel about it. So, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of that. Obviously it's an ongoing investigation, so I'm not going to comment any more than the fact that I'm just as interested as all of you are on where that goes."

On if it seems as dysfunctional as this week's reports have made it sound:

"Um, as far as the players are concerned, we're downstairs, we're in the locker room, we're focusing on games. So, for me, I think what happened at the end of the season just speaks for itself: with Kyle and Dowell, you don't just leave a job to leave. So, to say that I was unaware of it, I think I'd be lying to you, but to the extent, I had no idea. So, like I said, I'm just as interested as all of you to see what happens."

On if Kyle Shanahan confided in him that he was leaving:

"No, he didn't confide in me. Just sometimes you can read people and you get a feeling for how things are going -- or, it's a long season, you spend a lot of hours together. So, I think the actions speak for themselves."

On if he's confident an NFL team will give him a chance to start this year:

"Yeah, no doubt... From my standpoint, you just keep all options open."

Hoyer was then asked a series of questions about Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon. He said that he was surprised by the news concerning each of them, that he got along well with them both, and that he wishes them the best. He also said that Johnny being here or the prospect of he and Johnny being in an open quarterback competition would not deter him from re-signing with Cleveland.

On how every offseason for the Browns there are these types of stories and whether this is unique to Cleveland or if it also goes on around the rest of the NFL:

"The only other place I've been at extent just won the Super Bowl for the fourth time in however many years and you look at them and they're the model of continuity and a lot of it has to do with because Bill's a great coach and Tom's a great quarterback. Even though other people shuffle around, when you have those two components in place -- so I can't really compare it to that, I think because there's been turnover ever since the Browns were back and I think that definitely kind of creates a cycle. And hopefully -- now we got Pettine here for another year, he did a great job -- and hopefully you can correct that streak too.

On Cleveland:

"My heart is here and regardless if I'm here or not I want to see the Cleveland Browns do well. I think seeing these people here today, they're so desperate to have a good team and to have continuity -- and they deserve it. So whether I'm here or not I'll always -- and now that I've had a chance to play for this organization, it'll always be a special place in my heart and you just want to see them do well."

On if he'll hit the open market:

"I don't know, I really don't know. First of all I'd have to be offered a contract from Cleveland at some point, so I really don't know, but like I said, I'll keep all options open."

On if he wants to hit the open market to see what options are available:

"Um, you know that would be better to ask [my agent]. Like I said, I don't really know that at this point. I don't know how all that works but for me all options are on the table and obviously Cleveland has a big place in my heart."

On if he'd have to be re-signed before March 10th to stay in Cleveland:

"Not necessarily, no. I don't think so."

On Farmer saying it doesn't matter where a player's from:

"I totally agree. Me being from here didn't make me the best quarterback for the Browns and me being from here doesn't make the Browns the best team for me either. I mean, not many people get a chance to play where they grew up and where they're from, so that's a very unique situation."

On Farmer saying they we gotta look everywhere for a quarterback:

"In their defense, we didn't finish the season very strong. If we finished the season the way we started it I think we're having a totally different conversation here."

On if he was given a fair chance to finish out the season:

"You know what, it's hard to make an argument that they shouldn't have taken me out when you look at the numbers but I think also there's more than just meets the eye apart from numbers... We had a few rough patches and they made the decision to go the other way. I can't blame them for that."