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How Many Fines Have Browns Players Faced Since 2002?

Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

Earlier today, we discussed the number of suspensions associated with the Cleveland Browns since 2002, based on a report published by Seat Smart. The other component of Seat Smart's report were fines via actions that took place during a game, or a fine that happened without a suspension. In that area, the Browns were one of the least penalized teams in the NFL since 2002, ranking 24th with 24 fines. However, the dollar amount of the fines ($600,216) was actually in the upper half of the NFL.

Fines Since 2002

Here is a list of the individual fines, with the data being pulled from

Barkevious Mingo OLB CLE $ 16,537 Roughing the Passer 2014 Week 15
John Greco G CLE $ 8,268 Late Hit 2014 Week 13
Craig Robertson ILB CLE $ 8,268 Late Hit 2014 Week 5
Christian Kirksey ILB CLE $ 8,268 Roughing the Passer 2014 Week 5
Johnny Manziel QB CLE $ 12,000 Unsportsmanlike Conduct 2014 Preseason
Jordan Poyer CB CLE $ 7,875 Face Mask 2013 Week 17
Joe Haden CB CLE $ 7,875 Late Hit 2013 Week 8
Eric Martin OLB CLE $ 7,875 Late Hit 2013 Week 7
Phil Taylor DE CLE $ 7,875 Hit on Defenseless Player 2012 Week 17
T.J. Ward S CLE $ 25,000 Helmet-to-Helmet Hit 2012 Week 11
D'Qwell Jackson ILB CLE $ 7,875 Late Hit 2012 Week 7
Shawn Lauvao G CLE $ 7,500 Unsportsmanlike Conduct 2011 Week 10
Mohamed Massaquoi WR CLE $ 7,500 Celebration 2011 Week 3
Phil Taylor DE CLE $ 7,500 Roughing the Passer 2011 Week 3
T.J. Ward S CLE $ 15,000 Helmet-to-Helmet Hit 2010 Week 4
Alex Mack C CLE $ 5,000 Hit on Defenseless Player 2010 Week 2
Shaun Rogers DT CLE $ 400,000 Off-court/Off-field Violation 2010 Preseason
Brady Quinn QB CLE $ 7,500 Low Block 2009 Week 10
Kamerion Wimbley OLB CLE $ 7,500 Roughing the Passer 2009 Week 8
Donte Stallworth WR CLE $ 5,000 Spearing 2008 Week 14
Brodney Pool S CLE $ 5,000 Helmet-to-Helmet Hit 2007 Week 3
Chris Gardocki PR CLE $ 5,000 Taunting 2002 Week 1
Dwayne Rudd LB CLE $ 5,000 Taunting 2002 Week 1
Phil Dawson K CLE $ 5,000 Taunting 2002 Week 1

A couple of notes from the list of fines:

  • K Phil Dawson, P Chris Gardocki, and LB Dwayne Rudd were all fined for the "helmet toss" game to open the 2002 season. After Dawson connected on the go-ahead field goal with 29 seconds to play, he and Gardocki were fined for taunting. Rudd's helmet toss cost him $5,000 and made him a household name for the wrong reason.

  • No fines were listed for the Browns from 2003 to 2006, strangely.

  • The reason the Browns' overall dollar amount was so high can be attributed to NT Shaun Rogers: He violated the team's personal-conduct policy for carrying a semiautomatic handgun in a carry-on bag into Cleveland's Hopkins International Airport. The $400,000 fine was two-thirds of Cleveland's cumulative amount.

  • SS T.J. Ward was the biggest offender of helmet-to-helmet hits, once for a shot on WR Jordan Shipley of the Bengals ($15,000) and the other time for a hit on WR Kevin Ogletree of the Cowboys ($25,000).

  • QB Johnny Manziel's fine of $12,000 stands out for when he flipped the bird to the Redskins bench this preseason. The league seemed to be more stingy on fining teams, or at least the Browns, for penalties during the 2014 season.

  • The report does not include the $35,000 fine that DT Gerard Warren had in 2001 when he had a helmet-to-helmet hit on Jaguars QB Mark Brunell on the first play of the game, and also stepped on a player. Carmen Policy was also fined $10,000 for tampering at the end of 1998, leading up to the Browns' first return season.

  • What is funny is that looking up and down this list, I can mentally recall a lot of these infractions. How about you?