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Dwayne Bowe Will Face the Chiefs in Arrowhead in 2015

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, the Cleveland Browns signed WR Dwayne Bowe, formerly of the Kansas City Chiefs, to a two-year deal. Bowe will have a chance for revenge against his former team in 2015 -- we don't know what week it will be, but the Browns play in Arrowhead this season.

Over at Arrowhead Pride, our Chiefs affiliate, Joel Thorman believes that Bowe is at the point in his career, particularly with Cleveland's quarterback situation, that he'll have a mediocre year:

I believe Bowe can be effective in Cleveland, but by effective, I mean something around the lines of what he did with the Chiefs the last couple of years -- 600-800 yards and a few touchdowns (obligatory mention of that dumb no wide receiver touchdowns stat). That's probably who Bowe is at this point in his career. He can contribute but he's not going to take over many games. I wish him the best.

What type of season do you envision for Bowe in terms of yardage for 2015? Over the past three years, Bowe has racked up 801, 673, and 754 yards receiving.