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Jeff Fisher Clarifies the Timeline of When the Browns Pursued QB Sam Bradford

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we went through the perceived timeline of when we thought the Cleveland Browns had shown an interest in QB Sam Bradford. At the time, our perception is that the Browns offered the No. 19 pick to the Rams in mid-February, and when St. Louis said, "no," they went out and signed QB Josh McCown.

At the NFL Owner's Meetings meetings this morning, NFC coaches met with members of the media during breakfast. Rams head coach Jeff Fisher revealed that the Browns were not inquiring about Bradford during the NFL Combine (February), but rather made their push the weekend before they dealt Bradford to Philadelphia. That means the Browns were probably making their push some time between March 6-8, one week after they had signed McCown to a deal.

The timing of the move is odd. Sure, it guaranteed McCown as being a fallback guy, but if they really wanted to go in on Bradford and failed, couldn't they have just conceded and re-signed QB Brian Hoyer? Fisher did say that the Browns, "never made a concrete offer," but was also asked if the Browns had offered their No. 12 pick, to which Fisher responded, "no." He said that Cleveland's No. 12 pick wouldn't have made a difference because the key ingredient to the trade they executed with the Eagles was getting QB Nick Foles.

Cleveland's intense push for Bradford before the start of free agency is something to continue watching. Is it an indicator that the Browns will make a stunning splash for another quarterback this offseason, either via a trade or the draft?

As for whether that quarterback could still be Bradford, when Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was asked if he's received any more phone calls about Bradford, he said, "no."