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Browns to Take Things Cautious With C Alex Mack

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN had an update on the current condition of Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack. As we all know, Mack suffered a broken leg in the first half of last season, crippling Cleveland's running game for much of the remainder of the season.

The center will participate in the Browns’ offseason workouts, though to what extent is still being worked out. Mack acknowledged it's possible he won't go full-on during team OTAs, but that's not because of a setback. Mack and the training staff plan to be overly cautious because the goal is a fully healthy return for Week 1 in September.

"We’re making some pretty steady progress, doing what we need to do to get out there for training camp," Mack said. "But it’s more important that I’m out there for game day. Those two feelings have to balance out. It just takes time, having patience. Two weeks after the surgery, I wanted to be up and running around. I’m not 18 anymore."

Mack also tells Fowler that he doesn't expect a dropoff in production when he returns. While Mack is still rehabbing, the Browns can make the best of the situation by evaluating how Ryan Seymour looks at the center position. He started a few games at the end of last season and was re-signed this offseason as an exclusive-rights free agent. If Seymour looks the part of a stable center and Mack opts out of his contract after this season, Seymour could be a fallback option for 2016. Nick McDonald is also still on the club as another option at center, but he struggled at the position this past year.